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❌ Your website is not engaging. You’re losing leads.

❌ Low search engine visibility results in lost organic traffic.

❌ Traffic is fine, but low conversions indicate design issues.

❌ Poor navigation or slow load times lead to high bounce rates.

❌ You are frustrated with your current or previous web designer/agency.

❌ Sharing your outdated website is embarrassing and turns off customers.

❌ Your site doesn’t reflect your brand, leading to confusion and credibility issues.

I suppose none of these things happen in your world?

Solution → No More Hidden Champion

Attention is the New Currency.

Web Design & Development

A website is not only a showroom, but also a tool to convince visitors. Impress them and convert visitors into quality leads.

Design Strategies

Thoughtful planned Strategies focuses on customers and profitability. It scales your business to new levels of success and innovations.

Top-Tier Branding

Strong Branding ensures that your business stands out with your personality. It leaves a lasting impression on your potential customers.
P.S. We offer a retainer if you need Web Maintenance, which saves a lot of time for your business!

Don’t let your Digital Presence suffer!
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→ Professional Team

A team of +11 handpicked international freelancers specializing in web, graphics, 3D, software engineers, photographers and copywriters, led by experienced design managers.

→ Communication-Oriented

Communication is key to any successful relationship. I may be deaf, but I always have an open ear for my customers. We have a Client Portal that provides constant written updates, making our work as transparent as possible.

→ Transparent Pricing

There are no hidden costs because we sell in fixed price packages. This is the best way to have transparent costs for your financial planning.

How to Get Started?

Discovery Call → Onboarding with Client Portal → Grow

Step 1 – Discovery Call

Book a 20-minute call to see if we are a great fit together to make your business grow.

Step 2 – Onboarding

Get on board. Track progress in your client portal (or via email). See your online presence come to life.

Step 3 – Growth

Let your business grow with an optimized website. We can also manage your digital presence to keep it up to date.

Client Testimonials

Join the Ranks of Happy Clients Partners!

I have a great new website that I’m proud of, and you have a happy customer. And the next job with my other company 🙂

Peter Blumenwitz Floris Capital

Peter Blumenwitz

CEO | Floris Capital

I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of web design/development. Don’t let his hearing disability negatively influence your decision! He more than makes up for it with great organization skills and precise attention to details. I was a little concerned at first as my previous web designer did not know very much English and communication was a struggle so the last thing I wanted was a repeat of the experience.

Nils quickly put my fears to rest as he demonstrated not only a good ability to understand my needs and concerns but also demonstrated “over the top” levels of organization and strategy!

Michael Monk

Founder | MCTOL

The website of LaKiTa – Lachende Kinder Tansania e.V. was previously confusing and outdated in some areas, both technically and in terms of design.

We were able to create a completely new, refreshing, clear and user-friendly website that adds enormous value to the association’s online presence – both on desktop and mobile devices. On behalf of the association, we would like to thank Nils and we are very excited about the new website!

Andreas Schmidt LaKiTa

Andreas Schmidt

Secretary | LaKiTa

The site has turned out beautifully! How great you have implemented everything 🥰 Thank you so much for your valuable support 🙏

Mariana Schmitz

Founder | Felicitartes

My special thanks go to Mr. Enders-Brenner for setting up a website for me that has been very well received internationally by my colleagues and students.

Prof. Helga Storck

Renowned Harpist

The process was very efficient, clear and easy to understand. I had previously spoken to other providers who put me off immediately with complex questions.

Dirk Heuck

CEO | Heuck & Company

Nils did a great job with our SIMPLY. Logistic Systems GmbH website. From the first contact, his availability was very good and we always received quick feedback. Communication was also excellent, with quick and accurate responses.

The quality of his work was excellent. He presented brilliant ideas, implemented them quickly and demonstrated a high level of expertise throughout. His commitment to delivering strong results was evident. The way Nils turned our visions into reality was outstanding. I highly recommend his web design services!

Stephanie Scandella

Head of Logistics | SIMPLY.

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