IMSW - das Vergleich zwischen der alten und der neuen Website

The Institute for Media Evaluation, School Development and Science Consulting (IMSW) was founded in 1999 by Prof. Peter J. Brenner in response to new developments in the German education system. From the beginning, the institute relied on a strong web presence, even though the medium was still in its infancy.

By the end of 2020, the website will be outdated and no longer meet today’s expectations.

The website will therefore be updated to enable the Institute to continue its work on new educational challenges such as climate change, migration and the digital media landscape. It will also enable him to run his institute more efficiently, as public relations is an essential part of the institute’s work.

The aim was to have a website and online reputation that regularly reports on the new challenges facing society today. At the same time, it should attract the interest of potential clients and generate new business for expert reports, lectures and conferences.

Prof Brenner’s service competes with the large education and media groups that dominate most of the market. He had to find a way to reach the right audience with the right messages.

The challenge was met by redesigning the website.

This played a major role in enabling Prof Brenner to reposition itself in a changing educational and media landscape and to increase its media presence and reputation. The key to this was a redesigned website that combined an appealing design with a high and always up-to-date information content, and was also easy to maintain. The website enabled the publication of a sophisticated monthly blog post, which significantly increased the website’s reach and subscriber base, and is bilingual in English and German to reach an international audience in China, Georgia and other countries.