Scherer HR Consulting is an experienced company specialising in HR and recruitment consultancy for companies and investors. Projects range from executive search to supporting start-up teams in their team building activities. Scherer HR Consulting advises on the hiring process, team development and related challenges. Through their work in various growth companies in Europe, investors benefit from synergies in the areas of human capital and recruitment.

Although Scherer HR Consulting has been successful in the market for many years, the company has never had its own website. However, the need for an online presence grew as more and more potential clients searched online for suitable consultancy and coaching services.

The main challenge for Scherer HR Consulting was to establish an effective online presence and reach potential clients online. A website had to be created that would build trust with clients and reflect the company’s expertise in HR consulting, executive search and coaching.

The risk was that without an online presence, Scherer HR Consulting could miss out on important business opportunities. Without a website, the company could be overlooked by potential clients searching for HR consulting services online.

Scherer HR Consulting hired a professional web designer to create a custom website tailored to the company’s needs. The site needed to provide information that would build trust with clients and allow them to contact the company directly. The website was designed to guide potential clients step-by-step through the process of contacting the company via email, phone or social media.

Scherer HR Consulting’s new website makes it easier for potential clients to find and contact the company. The website provides information about the HR consulting, executive search and coaching services that Scherer HR Consulting offers, building trust with clients. By reducing the workload, as many questions are already answered on the website, Scherer HR Consulting can focus more on serving existing clients and providing the best customer service. The customised website is a valuable tool for attracting new clients and differentiating the company in the competitive HR consulting market.