The Future of SEO – Screpy, the Time Saver

The Future of SEO – Screpy, the Time Saver

Introducing Screpy: The AI-based Web Analytics Tool

Imagine a web analytics tool that does it all – from analyzing every single page of your website to monitoring its performance alone or with your team. This AI-based tool, Screpy, takes the hassle out of SEO optimization by providing a centralized dashboard where you can easily analyze and track all aspects of your website’s performance. 

You don’t have to hunt for missing alt-images, meta descriptions, or broken links. You can focus on what really matters: growing your business. In a nutshell, Screpy simplifies the analysis for you.

Let me count the features it offers:

  • Listing of all Issues of
    • Internal pages
    • Indexability
    • Linking
    • Redirects
    • Page content
    • Images
    • Other
    • Social accessibility
    • Performance
  • SEO Monitoring
  • SERP – Track the Ranking of Your Keywords
  • Pagespeed Measurement
  • Uptime Monitoring

Analyze all Issues in One Convenient Dashboard

Once the crawl is complete. It presents you with a comprehensive “site health” score out of 100 that totals all of your crawled pages and images. This allows you to understand the health of your site at a glance. 

Screpy digs deeper to provide customized solutions for each problem it finds. It outlines potential problems, categorized into specific areas that need attention. For each problem, it offers solutions on how to fix it. What could be more powerful than facing each challenge head-on?

In a single dashboard, all of your digital web inconsistencies are analyzed, reviewed, and presented. A great solution that provides a bird’s eye view of every potential SEO hiccup.

The dashboard also acts as a virtual assistant, guiding you to optimization triumphs. You can turn unknowns into quantifiable data with insights that support results-driven decisions. With its powerful simplicity, there is no guessing which areas of your site need improvement.

You’ll get actionable insights. 

Insights that change not only how you work, but how successful you are online!

Other Screpy-Tools – SERP, Performance & Uptime

SERP – Keyword Tracker

You can avoid the hassle of constantly switching between tools! With just a single glance, you have the ability to view where your keywords stand in Google’s search engine results pages (SERP). Each or your defined keyword that leads traffic to your page is tracked, giving you a clear and precise perspective on their rankings. 


I like how this tool eliminates the hassle of switching between different tools. The integrated Lighthouse widget provides easy-to-understand tasks that will improve your performance metrics.


When I found a real tracker that monitors the uptime of a website, I was pleasantly surprised!

Ensuring maximum uptime is crucial for the user experience. It is even more important to receive notifications and take action within a short time in case of downtime. Screpy analyzes and checks websites and sends emails in case of crashes.

My Conclusion: Enhance Your Web Analysis with Screpy

I’ve been using Screpy for a while now and the benefits are amazing.

Imagine knowing exactly what’s wrong with your website – broken links or bad meta descriptions. 

Screpy detects these with ease and gives you the ability to fix them immediately. This direct approach saves a lot of time that can now be spent on more productive tasks.

With this tool, all your web analysis is done and from a single dashboard. One notable feature is its ability to flag low content ratios on pages that can affect your site’s performance and Google rankings.

Screpy even helps you keep an eye out for large or broken images and missing alt attributes, issues that often go unnoticed but can harm SEO. Don’t let the little things get in the way. 

Let Screpy point out likely pain points early so you can stay one step ahead in maintaining the health of your site.

Again, a big bonus is how much time it saves me in my workday – all my web analysis is done and in one place!

Here’s the link to the official Screpy website if you’re interested:

GPDR Checklist – Basic Version

Important Information - This article does not constitute legal advice, but is intended as a practical guide.

GDPR Checklist – Especially in Europe, every website has to inform its visitors about how it collects and processes data. I have written this article because I have received many questions on this subject. Understandably, it may sound overwhelming, but if you take it step by step, you can make your website compliant with the GPDR laws. I choose one of the strictest GPDR laws, which comes from Germany – the Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO). It should cover all the important data protection measures so that you can present your website to your international visitors without any problems (until they change the laws again, or misinterpret their own laws).

Let’s take your site as internationally legal as possible!