What if you get two invitations to perform different speeches to a live audience at short notice? And your second speech is only two days away from the first one?

It is happening to me and I just finished the preparation for public speakings. First I am going to have to talk about my digital device from my Master’s Thesis to a small group of people. Then a couple of days later I am going to introduce a wooden game board to a huge audience.

At the beginning it was very exhausting until I used the correct methods to manage it. Anyway how did I do it? I listed 9 important steps how to prepare successful public speakings.

  1. Draw — As you start thinking, write down notes and snippets to draw an outline. The more you write down, the clearer the picture gets. If you are going somewhere, always grab a piece of paper and a pencil. It can also be a notebook or your smartphone. In case something awesome pops into your head.
  2. Write — Write crazy and talk at the same time. Don’t look at the screen, ignore the grammar and spelling. Don’t care about your ugly draft. If you are having a writer’s block, move to another speech. Writing helps you to build a structure and to get the idea what you want to tell.
  3. Edit — You may be not a great writer but you are a great editor. Rewrite. Correct your grammar, spelling and make your words and sentences understandable. Keep it simple and short. You want to have your audience enjoy listening to you.
  4. Take a break — Take a few steps away from your draft. Grab something to bite or go out for a walk to reflect your mind. Then come back to your draft, read it again and reedit it, if necessary.
  5. Start reading aloud — Read aloud your draft. Make sure, you keep your limited time by setting your timer. It helps you to speak in a calm and clear voice. It is nothing worse than have a public speaker babbling instead of talking. Listen to your voice. Do the words fit together well or are they difficult to pronounce? Repeat it more than 3 times.
  6. Start talking — In the beginning you are going to have trouble speaking freely. Don’t worry about it, it goes with the time. Don’t try to memorize every single word from your draft. Try to understand your idea. Treat your talk as an everyday conservation with your friends.
  7. Talk — Talk in front of your friends and family and make sure that they understand you with ease. As you start talking, you will notice that you are going to stutter. There is a huge difference between talking alone and talking to people. At first you will have trouble speaking in front in people. Try it again with another speech and again with the first one. Repeat until it works like a charm.
  8. Enjoy — Learn to enjoy speaking. Put all your negative thoughts aside and think positive. Find your very own style how you want to present yourself in front of audience. You can do your public speaking while you are sitting. Or you walk around the stage with a piece of paper in your hands and have a conservation with the audience. Again, be yourself and don’t be a copycat.
  9. The Talk — Chin up, make yourself in full height, look directly at the audience and talk confidently. Public speaking is going to boost your confidence.

Remember, preparation is the key to the success. I hope I could help you a little bit. If you want to learn more about this topic, you can read the following books:

  • ANDERSON, Chris: “TED Talks”
  • CARNEGIE, Dale: “The Quick & Easy Way to Effective Speaking”

Or if you need some motivation, watch TED Talks! It is really inspiring and I love it!