Public speaking makes you an organised person. It drills you to repeat your words aloud every time to make it perfect. It also forces to prepare properly if you don’t want to embarrass in front of your audience.

But what about the nervousness? Do you know the feeling where your heart is pounding rapidly and fast? Do you know your sweaty hands. Your heavy breathing? Your cramping stomach? Don’t worry about it! Everybody gets nervous even if they are experts in public speaking. It is just purely human.

Is there any magical formula against being nervous? The answer is no.

Let me tell you a short story how I managed to overcome my nervousness and boosted my confidence. I had my very first public speaking at the university in front of actual audience. I was prepared and I knew my talk backwards.

When I started talking, the first sentences went well as excepted. But suddenly I stopped and I couldn’t talk anymore. I am not a natural speaker but at this time I took a step closer to be a better speaker! I just admitted to the audience that I am nervous. After I have reduced the importance of my talk, I could start speaking with ease.

You can’t avoid being nervous, but you can reduce it. If you try to fight against it, it gets worse. Because you are going to puff away your whole energy needing for your talk.

„You can’t avoid being nervous, but you can reduce it.“

Public speaking is communicating! That means you have to interact with people in a room. It is like having a chat with others. So don’t make it special. It is only an everyday thing to do.

What happened to my talk? Everybody loved it and I also enjoyed it. It really boosted my confidence and I made some good connections.

You can read the article related to my talk, if you understand German.